Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Service & Maintenance

Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting play a pivotal role in significantly reducing the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a fire. No matter how technologically advanced, alarm systems will always require human supervision to guarantee smooth running and optimum performance.


It is a legal requirement to have your Fire Alarm & Emergency Lighting systems serviced regularly to ensure that they are adequate, without fault and in keeping with current regulations. DB McLarnon Fire Protection Agency’s BAFE® approved service technicians can help you meet your obligations by inspecting and servicing your fire detection, alarm and emergency lighting systems
We provide an inspection and maintenance service for small / medium sized businesses. Current standards recommend that as a minimum, your Fire Alarm should be inspected and maintained every six months (biannually) and that Emergency Lighting should be inspected annually.

A qualified, trusted service engineer will:

  • Inspect each zone, test each manual call point, heat and smoke detector, including battery checks
  • Inspect, record, report and repair any damage or obstructions to your systems
  • Investigate any reported false alarms
  • Issue a Certificate of Inspection for your systems and premises

Why Trust Us

1First Class Service
  • Ability to service and maintain equipment in accordance with British Standards
  • Professional, reliable and non-disruptive service
  • Competitive pricing
2Highly-trained, expert service technicians
  • Our Technicians are BAFE® SP203-1 registered and trained
  • Our Technicians have been fully vetted via AccessNI
  • Our Technicians are independently and regularly audited by BAFE® and the British Standards Institute (BSI) in addition to our own internal quality checks
3Quality Assurance Guaranteed
  • We hold Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 from the British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • All work is undertaken in accordance with BS 5839-1:2013
  • All our equipment is BS/EN3 Approved and holds a BSI Kitemark™ License
4Technologically Equipped
  • Using our industry leading secure, online work management system we can help you manage all of your premises and Health & Safety obligations effortlessly
  • Have access to your Company’s Certification at the touch of a button – 24 / 7
  • Have access to your Asset Register and see how we are performing with the jobs you have given us – full transparency